2017 Media

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HRFF28 was featured across local and national media including the Los Angeles Times, Pacific Business News, KITV, Honolulu Star Advertiser, The Advocate, Curve, Hawaii Public Radio, Midweek and more.

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Click on an item on the list or on an image below to read the full story / watch the video.

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The Advocate | Aug. 23 | “65 Photos of a Pool Party in Paradise” | Photos by Kelli With An Eye Photography for The Advocate

Honolulu Star Advertiser | Aug. 21 | “Paradise Pool Party at the Hilton Waikiki Beach”

Honolulu Star Advertiser | Aug. 21 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival Red Carpet Gala”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 19 | “9 day film festival aimed to raise awareness for gay and lesbian lifestyles”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 19 | “A night of glamor in Honolulu…”

KHON2 | Aug. 19 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival Red Carpet Event”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 18 | “World champion UK diver Tom Daley visits Hawaii”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 11 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival opens”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 10 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival features film on fatal Ferguson shooting”
Hawaii News Now | Aug. 9 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival helping to educate and raise awareness of the LGBT community”

KITV4 Island News | Aug. 8 | “The Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival with Todrick Hall”

KHON2 | Aug. 8 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival to Begin This Week”

Hawaii Public Radio: The Conversation | Aug. 8 | “Rainbow Film Festival: Richard Kuwada and Brent Anbe”

Hawaii News Now | Aug. 6 | “Terry’s Take”

Pacific Business News | Aug. 4 | “Growing LGBT events can boost Hawaii’s tourism industry in arrivals, spending”

Los Angeles Times | Aug. 3 | “What’s it like to grow up as a black, gay kid in Texas? Hawaii’s Rainbow Festival films explore these questions and more”

Honolulu Star Advertiser | Aug. 3 | “Rainbow Film Festival looks to boost understand among at-risk groups”

Midweek | Aug. 2 | “Tweets Aside, Here’s To A Fabulous Festival”

curve | July 24 | “Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival Set To Impress”

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